About ME

Welcome to the 4th Wall! This blog about all about what I think of when talking about film and television. I’m Ryan DePaolo and I am using this blog to express my own feelings on a variety of film and television. I enjoy watching television from home, but I love watching movies more and I wanted to tell you how much they mean to me. And I hope that you have the same appreciation for film and television as well.

What’s the story behind the 4th Wall? It comes from the convention in performance known as Breaking the Fourth Wall, where an actor looks directly at the audience and is aware of their surroundings (mainly for comedic effect). This 4th Wall is the invisible wall that separates the audience from the performers on stage or on screen. This blog is basically me telling directly to you about what I think about what I’ve seen.

Whether it is a comedy or a tragedy, the classic musicals or modern gangsters or contemporary horror, or anything Disney-related, there are so many movies and TV shows that I want to talk about. So, I will work on giving you my thoughts on something that I have seen without giving away any spoilers. If these critiques help determines your interest on a particular film or get you to start binge-watching your favorite TV series, then I wish you all of the excitement of watching them.

Everyone has their own opinion and you are more than welcome to share your own feelings. Please do not hesitate to comment. And if you have any film recommendations for me or updates on film reviews, please follow me on Twitter below. Also below is my Letterboxd profile where I will keep updating on films I’ve seen and what is on my watchlist.

Follow my Twitter page @4th_Wall_Breaks

Follow my Letterboxd profile at https://letterboxd.com/RaDeP93/

Hopefully, if things go well for this blog, I will expand further into the blog in the future. And I hope that I didn’t waste a few minutes of your time reading this.

Thank you and enjoy!

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